On Yin and Yang 1.

“The way of the creative brings about the male.

The way of the Receptive brings about the female.

 The Creative knows the great beginnings.

The Receptive completes the finished things.

 The Creative knows trough the easy.

The receptive can do things through the simple.

By means of the easy and the simple we grasp the laws of the whole world.

When the laws of the whole world are grasped, therein lies perfection”

(Ta Chuan; I. 4-6., 8.)

( The Yin-Yang sofa by Nicholas Thomkins. Yin in Yang: black spot in white part + women in the white part. Yang in Yin: white spot in the black part + man in the black part)

Yang is movement, Yin is stillness. Yang is idea, Yin is matter. Yang is creative, Yin is receptive (fulfilling). Yang is initiative, Yin is the result. Both are simultaneosly present in things and processes.

Perfection is achieved through interaction and balancing Yang and Yin, male and female, movement and stillness, action and rest, expansion and protection, initiative and realization, open and close, hard and soft, light and dark, high and low.

Having enough Yang qualities in the environment ensures the continuity of movement, communication, growth and change. Yang is related to outer world, and in a way, it is related to the flaw of money.

Having the right amount of Yin qualities ensures that actions yield results, that the communication builds good relationships and that growth leads to the proper forms. Yin is related to the inner world, and in a way it can be connected with relationships.

Having both qualities balanced in the same space renders harmony as a dynamic process, in which the two forces support, create and controll each other.


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